So one of the problems I live with is that many builds don't include a complete deployment to the container. My aim for this project is to document the Maven config for uploading and configuring a full J2EE Web Application and Web Service to both Sun Webserver 7 update 6 and Weblogic 10.3. This should include appropriate JNDI connections. Note that for me, this is also an opportunity to learn something about Web Services.

Process for creating the dummy files:

Create two dummy archives, one for each container. One will have a rudimentary Web Service and the other a client for it. JNDI connections through the containers will also be used. Methodology will be as follows:

  1. Create a dummy web archive that runs on Webserver 7 and just reads some basic info from a simple database table, accessed through JNDI and then displays it.
  2. Next create an enterprise archive that produces a web service on Weblogic 10.3 by reading a simple table in a database over a JNDI connection, of course.
  3. Lastly, the web archive running on Webserver 7 will be made to read the web service and display that info.

So when the user runs the Maven build for this project, remember the build is the point here, it will:

  1. Build, test and package all appropriate modules and artefacts.
  2. Install both archives in their respective containers.
  3. Set appropriate System Properties using JVM options for the instances in question.
  4. Configure JNDI connections as appropriate.
  5. Restart the Sun Webserver 7 instance to work around a memory leak in the Admin UI.
  6. Do the previous 4 items based on info found in a properties file in the user's /home directory.

Containers will be assumed to be remote.

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